Company Profile

Tov Hamoshav is an elite agricultural company, specializing in the production and marketing of Israeli dates. This family owned

Tuv Hamoshav accompanies the process of growing fruit from the agricultural stage, with focus on the date palm and emphasizing the varieties: Medjoul, Dekel Nour, Amri and Super Juicy;
Medjoul - originating in Morocco, the Medjoull is a large and impressive fruit with a rich and full taste. It’s color is a reddish brown, and contains a high level of phenolic compounds (antioxidants) as well as high levels of fiber and iron. Known as the King of Dates.
Dekel Nour- a date with a bright honey color, originating in Tunis. An elongated fruit with a semi-soft texture. The composition of the sugars create a unique flavor, which distinguishes it from the rest of the dates. Dekel Nour is rich in fiber and iron and has the highest antioxidant response of all the dates.
Imri - an elongated brown fruit originated in Egypt, rich in fiber, sweet and conspicuous in its crisp texture. Amari is rich in zinc and potassium minerals.

The dates are packed in the advanced packing houses in the beautiful Jordan Valley, in accordance with the highest standards for the export of goods around the world.

Tuv Hamoshav strives to continue to be a leading and innovative company that offers quality products, unique packaging and product adaptations to the requirements of customers worldwide.

Tuv Hamoshav has three guiding principles:
* Product quality without compromise
* Attractive price level
* Service at the highest level for every customer.