Tuv Hamoshav worldwide


An excellent Israeli fruit - the Phoenix tree (dectylifera) grows naturally in our region. The date palm is one of the most ancient trees in the world, with evidence of the aging tree flourishing in Israel since before 5000 BCE.

The Medjool date is considered to be the largest and most healthy of all varieties.
Israel is the leader in quantity and quality, and therefore the Israeli date is very popular and has no competitors.

The dates are free of preservatives, no sugar added and packed after a light rinse with water.

Tuv Hamoshav is marketed to a large number of countries and regularly expands its commercial relations with many companies around the globe.

As exclusive marketers of the Israeli produce of dates, our product can be found in FOOD CITY- the largest food market in Asia and Europe. Located in the city of Moscow in Russia, FOOD CITY is the market from which goods are exported all over Russia and neighboring countries.